Dear Clients,

We extend our warm welcome to you to our New Website www.saithunaimatri.com

This is an exclusive website for facilitating weddings for Differently Abled Persons & those who wish to marry them !

The Service is available for all Caste & Religions as well !

The Entire Service is Totally Free !

Registration can be done in person, by post or by online as well. Personal Regn. can be done in our office, preferably on Sundays between 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. While Non-Members can have only limited access to Basic Details that too without phone numbers. Our Members can have complete access to full Details of profiles with contact Numbers by using their User ID & Password.

The website is absolutely user-friendly and the service is extended for Remarriages also.

For Registration purpose the minimum income for Groom is fixed at Rs.15,000/- per month for practical reasons.

Regn. Form is made available in the website itself, which can be downloaded by clicking in Regn. column.

We have furnished lot of Details in our Website under various Headings and we request you to kindly go through it. You are welcome to contact us for any further clarification if required.

By God’s Grace we wish & hope that our Website will lead to large number of Marriages for the Differently Abled persons in a Short Time thereby making their Dreams a Reality!

Life is Hope ! Hope is Life !

With Best Wishes


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